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Immunisations & Hashimoto's

Hi there, I am new to this site and have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism & am on Levothyroxine (alternating 50/75mg daily) - I am due to travel to Thailand at the end of January, I am concerned about immunisations and the effect they may have on my immune system, does anybody have any experience or knowledge on this? I am booked in to be jabbed at the end of next week! Thanks.

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There are some anti-vaccine members who will tell you any immunisation will cause adverse effects, not necessarily, thyroid problems. I'm inclined to think that getting polio or yellow fever through not vaccinating is likely to be worse than adverse symptoms likely to be experienced after vaccination. You could Google the immunisation you are having + adverse effects to see what effects you might experience.

Although Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland it doesn't mean you have a compromised immune system.

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thank you, I feel like I am constantly learning about this thing! I seem to go down really bad with everything going though, like my immune system just doesn't cope very well with anything anymore!


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