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living in a heightend state of anxiety?

perpetually in flight n fight syndrome, in 2010 when something happened, to me, i was hot/cold/ faint/ heart racing/ hair loss overnight/ lost a stone in weight in days, liquid yellow diarhorrea, weak, unable to eat or drink, mouth like dry cardboard, shaking sweating, head pressure like being crushed, external trembling, i felt

sooooo ill i wanted to die, eyelids swelled to capacity, i didnt know who i was or where i was , feeling sick , i dragged myself thru the days and was so ill i had to live with a friend for 6 weeks but i couldnt even lift a tesapoon to eat-- i have never fully recovered, its nearly 8 years on, NOW, i dont deal with stress at all, if something

major happens i go to peices and the sheer panic makes me a total utter wreck, the effects of the stress hormones andthe damage that i t must be doing to my body scares me rigid. at night it is worse , i feel that every thing is closing in an d there is

no way out-- the panic within is horrendous and it make s me feel so bloody ill. i am constantly jittery amd i cant keep still, i am not only tossing an turning but internally i am trembling like an hydrolic motor, i am thinking the sympathetic nervous system

is unable to switch off to letthe par sympathetic take over, as i right- does anyone else have this sort of effect? i dread having major stresses as i just cannot cope.

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So sorry I do not have pearls of wisdom to convey or experiences to share. It does sound as if it is an adrenal issue and I am wondering how you are working with them - have not read earlier posts so am not up to speed.

Hope you can spend a relaxing day x


i never have a relaxing day Marz-- i cant relax, i am taking b5,notsure what else to take as ithink my nervous system is damaged.


Bluepettals. Have you considered having a cortisol saliva test done? It sounds very much like an adrenal issue.


mischa yes i will get another done--- geneova i read, is not as good now as it once was apparently and i dont know who else to go to-- as my nervous sysetm is contanly wired i wonder if i produce too much Substance P.


Hello bluepettals2

I had some of your symptoms many many years ago after a traumatic incident. Mind & body feeling totally chaotic, feeling as if I wired up to an electricity sub station.

This is what I did. I found physically relaxing my body first then helped my mind 'let go'

I would also shove my head in a pillow & scream it all out, a great physical release.

I booked in for regular once a wk/fortnightly sessions of reflexology, body massages.

It was a positive feeling to physically experience so then a positive thing to think about & the difference it makes to your psyche even if it's for a half day or a day.

The point is that negative cycle is being interrupted by something positive & thats a good place to start.

What is your GP like to talk to? Getting it off your chest is a release.

You could find the details on line of a local homeopath (homeopathy worked for me)

It's about small manageable steps. Not thinking to far ahead. Not being hard on yourself. We are so desperate & the feelings are so overwhelming & frightening that we need to slow mind & body down in the first instance.

If you are able to do this is a good immediate start.

This site has very supportive members so return for more help if you need it.


yes thanks for that- my problem is on going tho worry about my 2 sisters situation sand both sons situations without going into detail so iti s an ongoing relentless worry, i do things to tak e my mind off it all but then at night it is worse, i am seeing a homeopath next week inlondon so may ask him for some stuff. thanks

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I'm sorry to hear you are having a really tough time.

It is great news you are seeing the homeopathist. You do need something to help that's for sure.

Be worth getting your vitamin levels checked out. The slightest of deficiencies can have you out of sorts.

All the best to you & I hope you find relief very soon

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Are you optimally medicated for your thyroid issues?

I still get anxious, but had unexplained terror attacks for several years prior to taking THs. No idea where I read it, but came across something regarding adrenal hormones overacting when THs are low.

It's hard to wind down after an especially bad incident, so a multi-faceted approach could be what you need. I've not found homeopathy useful myself, but have found reflexology, acupuncture, prescribed herbal meds, & tuina (Chinese massage), as well as aromatherapy to be extremely useful ~ sometimes a combination. There's an excellent website called AcuTake, by an Australian acupuncturist called Sara Calabro. There are a list of important points that can be used for acupressure. I used this every day, sometimes as well as needling muself, & find this relaxing. Look up a point called Kidney 1 on the foot, & Spleen 6 on the inside ankle. These are points that are easy to press, & that will benefit your adrenals. If you can't reach your feet easily, K-1 can be massaged with a small ball or marble.

Yes, I am crackers, but this works for me! :)




youre not such a badhare are you thankyou acupressre works icant afford acupuncture that works too i willlookit up thanksagain

paula thankyou


Thanks Paula!

I'd stick needles in you if you were nearby, though acupressure is excellent. If you have a teaching course close to you, the treatments are low cost. There are also increasing numbers of multi-bed clinics around the country. Look at the ACMAC website to see if there's one near you.

I got in a terrible flap one day & a guy on my course talked me down by telling me a tapping technique (sometimes called EFT for Emotional Freedom Technique) over the phone. I went from shakes to laughing in 5 minutes. There are several websites & videos on YouTube ~ pick one that doesn't have an irritating jingle or instructor, & maybe have a go at following one at bedtime.





it wont open


I hope you are feeling better.

It sounds as though you are suffering 'burn out'. That will affect your adrenals.

The good news is, you are aware of the triggers that started off your fight/flight response. You are also aware, of what is causing your on going situation. Believe it, or not, you have the building blocks, right there, to conquer this.

I urge you, to reduce your triggers, most of us, have trials and tribulations, until you rest your mind, body and spirit, you are unable to begin the healing process.

Begin, by asking close friends, and family, not to discuss their difficult situations with you, or in front of you, for the time being. Let them know, you love/care about them but are not in a place, right now, to be of any help, or to cope with more worry. Tell them, you are dealing with your own issues, caused through cumulative stress.

Then, everyday, do something nice for yourself. Be it a bubble bath, hot cup of tea. Read a mag. Take time out, just for you.

It sounds as though, your good heart, is worrying for everyone, for all situations. Use that good heart to nurture you. You deserve to be loved and cared for.

Letting go of stress, can be difficult, when you are in the habit, of holding on, holding in, and/or anticipating.... choose to let go, right now.

Go to the library, borrow books on self help. Develop better coping skills. When you are fraught, it is difficult to see, that no one else, will stress you out, once you say, and act out, enough is enough.

You are human, you know your limits, listen to that wonderful body, urging you, slow down, relax, be, let go.

I wish you peace in your heart. Your mind will follow. Don't let your mind run your show. The mind, brings thoughts, they are just thoughts, let them pass...

One day, you may want to open up, and talk about your awful experiences, that caused your stress. Know, you are never alone. X

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webar thankyou but the whole situation i am stressed over is the reason i am stressed. they dont hav eto discuss their situations , i know about the situations but it affects us all and that is half the problem or rather all of the problem. thankyou for your uplifting kind words webar


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