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Discussion on the merits of T3

I didn't see this article when it was first released but it's an interesting discussion, considering the current NHS consultation on de-prescribing T3.

The final quote...

"Ross does not see the harm in trying a different approach when patients are not satisfied with LT4 alone: ... if you provide T4 and T3 at the appropriate ratio, why should that be considered problematic?”


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Hi Nana, the first thing I looked up was the age of the author of the article. I'm going to guess, very young. Even the comment at the end of the article that levothyroxine is the longstanding treatment makes me wonder what they would call Armour Thyroid beginning in 1890 and still marketed today? He doesn't even mention Dr. Lowe. Is this what they call progress? I wish I knew more about physiology and science but I doubt that taking a pill that enters the digestive tract is similar in any way to a gland excreting hormone naturally. I don't think they are comparable.


Yes, interesting discussion. Wonder what the outcome of the NHS consultation will be?


Well, I'm in the U.S. and T3 is still reasonable enough to pay for it ourselves. I would not count on any help from a government agency even a health agency.

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