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Men :is Your thyroid causing sexual problems ( )

The study found that among hypothyroid men : low sex drive ,delayed ejaculation ,and erectile dysfunction were complaints in 64 .3 % men . premature ejaculation was a complaint in 7.1 % men

......hyperthyroidism ...

Premature ejaculation was a complaint in 50% of men ,low sex drive was complaint in 17.6 % of men .

Erectile dysfunction was a complaint in 14.7 %

Delayed ejaculation was a complaint in 2.9'% of men .....( ....

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Some of ,yep.


46 year old male Diagnosed jan 2017

No problems with sex drive

Occasional delayed ejaculation .

But is that a bad thing😄


Overactive thyroid or underactive thyroid problems ?




Thank you ...


I was diagnosed 20008 ( overactive thyroid - Graves' disease ) 2011 I refused the rai treatment my symptoms was low libido ,low mood ,stress ,anxiety I'm 45 years old .thyroid hormone has a huge impact on brain function and is correlated with many cognitive / mood related symptoms .you are lucky one .....


I dont really feel lucky

TSH 11.7 range 0.35-5.00

Serum T4 11 range 9.00-19.00

On 175 levothyroxine

First Appointment with endo on thur

Joint pains tiredness bloated etc

Brain fogg getting better though.

Nice talkin to a bloke as no one really understands how bad it makes you feel

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Good luck l hope you feel better soon


Nice to meet you :)


I really feel that a lot of doctors don't care. I feel like they don't understand mental health and these days their priorities are getting through patients as quickly as possible and offering a drug to fix a problem .14 December 2015 I didn't feel very well my GP said go to hospital A&E department my free t3 hormone was going up quickly 7.66 - 8.63 ,9.30,11.86 .....I wait there 4 hours after blood test 4 a clock morning doctor said : go home nothing wrong with you only anxiety !!! I said to him : are you sure I don't feel very well he said nothing wrong with you go home after Christmas I was ill again unbelieveable .........