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Med timing question

hi. I've been on NDT since 2015. Also take daily pain relief (tramadol) and normally leave 2 hours between my NDT and pain relief but I'm wondering whether I should be leaving longer ?!

Also...with the colder months coming up, I want to start taking my vitamin D again (as I am always deficient) and cannot remember how long I need to leave between pain relief and D3? I know it's 4hrs for thyroid meds but is it 2 hrs for anything else ?


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Lady_Lee - have you spoken to your pharmacist?

Whilst there are some quite specific details of drugs that interfere with the absorption of levo I'm not aware that tramadol would be caught up in that but I'm sure the pharmacist would know.



2 hours between Levothyroxine and Tramadol should be sufficient and 4 hour between D3 and Levothyroxine. If you are always vitD deficient you should supplement until levels are replete ie 75 - 125 nmol/L and then reduce to a daily maintenance dose.

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A bigger question is why the pain relief are you sure your correctly treated for hypothyroid because pain and hypo and pain and levo go together too often but may resolve on NDT


I have RA and lupus too


Oh lord that really makes life very tough indeed


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