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Hi an update from me. Having read lots of info on here I started a gluton free diet.

Just a bit of background TT for cancer . My son has antithyroglobin antibodies, as I was never tested I have often wondered t has been my problem in the past.

Recently been diagnosed with systemic lupus and this diagnoses has high antibodies as you may know. Thought it a good time to try gluton free. Have found it quite easy as I cook from scratch but must say missed my toast at first. Have managed to find a brand that is very acceptable, so much easier now .

Well can't say I'm cured but, I feel much better. My appetite was poor mostly because of bloating and tummy pains, much better and I have put some weight on.

Most of all I want to report that I am actually sleeping until about 5ish am. For years my nights have been interrupted with boiling hot, getting up to wee. Very often some tummy pain and aches in body . I can't believe it, and am praying that it's not a temporary improvement just to raise my hopes!

If this helps anyone else to try it and make some improvements I would be happy .

Conclusion I make is that any condition of the autoimmune might be a lot better if gluton free diet is followed . Best wishes x

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I agree. Since I went gluten free two years ago - I’ve got Graves’ disease and several other autoimmune conditions - I’ve watched my thyroid antibodies plummet. I just ignore people who say it isn’t good for you and that by not eating gluten you are missing valuable sources of goodness knows all what from your diet.

Considering I eat a healthy balanced diet and don't eat junk food, sweets and fizzy drinks I can’t see anyone should consider that a gluten eating, junk food eater should be considered to be following a healthier diet than I, whose diet does not include gluten, am.

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