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Hair falling out. Blood results. Advice before GP appointment please!

Hi I am hoping someone can advise me about this. I got blood tests because my hair is falling out and my nails are very flaky and brittle. I'm often tired and suffer depression - have done for a long time. I have gained a lot of weight over recent years. I have lost a lot of it recently by following a low carb diet. Anyway when I phoned the receptionist told me my Ferritin is 61 and my TSH 2.19 and T4 10.7 and T3 is 1.2.

I THINK that the only one not to be "within range " is 1.2? I really have no clue! I don't know if I should ask for more tests, or for a certain treatment? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks very much.

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Ask for the ranges, add then to your results then members will be able to interpret them.

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I will do that, thanks very much.

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