is anyone watching itv 'save money good diet' this week it is good gut health and bone broth, probiotics,

kefir, kombucha, the bone broth made the doctor retch- it looked vile but mine is delicious, he must have made it wrong and sian williams attempt at kefir was looking rather strange... no wonder they didnt like it... and naturally he didnt makeit properly so it made him sick and he thought it made no difference bu tin actual fact itimproved his good bacteria a lot so whenyou make the bonebroth, do it right as it us delicious done properly with herbs and flavoring and veg.

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I have had excellent results with the kombucha - enzymes the probiotics and who knows what else is in there the mother... it’s wonderful stuff and really does heal the gut. I don’t make my own. Here in the states we can buy it by the bottle and it’s pretty good - fairly expensive but really good. I keep wanting to try the bone broth and I make a few broth so my own but not nearly enough. It occurred to me how hard it is to buy beef pork lamb or even chicken that has bones in it! We have to go to the butcher block specialty stores in my area. My son was recently able to avoid antibiotics for a sinus infection by using the camp Kombucha. Likewise I was able to put a cold to an early rest with almost no symptoms with just one days worth of kambucha. Perhaps I will get industrious enough to make my own someday! Would love to hear of those who have been successful at making their own. Perhaps you blupettals2?

dtate23016, yes i bought the book by Dr. Natasha Mcbride, on the advice of Dr Georges Mouton here in uk, i cant remeber the title and i cant find it rightnow- i have a bookstore at home and nned to buy another book cae--- anyway- i go to the butchers and ask for the

bones, they always have marrow in, so i wash the bones, then roast them slowly for a short while half maybe or an hour--- then i put the bones into a large pot and tip all the fat and what ever else is in the roast dish into the pot,

because the marrow would have melted as well, and the bones are cooked on their own first- i bring to boil then they simmer for hours, i put some vinegar in because vinegar leeches all the minerals out of the bones, ( which is what pure acid- ie vinegar) does to OUR bones), when the bones have been simmering away for hours i strain it, to getrid of broken bits of bone, be care ful as it is very hot, i leave the jallop to cool down then leave in fridge overnight and skim off the fat next day-all that is left is the gelatine then i add veg and spices an dherbs and flavouring heat up tohot again and eat! the guy made a real mess last last of his bone broth which wuld put anyone off for life.. not so--

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome - the book by Dr Natasha Campbell- McBride. Or GAPS for short 😊

How do you wash your bones? (I know it sounds like a stupid question bluepettals2). I have been using chicken bones, but am not sure if they are as good as yours. Are yours all beef bones? I watched the programme last night too, thought all the results were very positive.

margo-- i think chicken bones are good as they have gelatine in and remember the soup, the chicken carcass is a sure remedy for illness, but i buy the beefbones from the butcher, i put them in a large basinto wash, or even a clean washing up bowl if you dont have a large basin, i have asked the butcher to chop them in half as they dont fit in my cauldron if they are too large.. he also gave me pigs trotters once but i didnt fancy then but some kind person here tld me that i shoul dhave use dthem as they are FULL of gelatine, i have seen morrisons sell them prepackaged now so i will use them in winter.. that doctor last night and sian, made a hash up of their preparing i think!

In the days when I ate meat, I used to enjoy a meal of pigs trotters.We also used to make brawn from a pig's head, but you don't see them in the butcher's any more.

angel they are probabably round the back of the butchers..

bluepettals2 you can buy organic chicken bones on-line, they come very well packaged, I have got some on the go as I type. Definitely a difference between organic and non-organic. However I do both, we drink it (when I remember), also our dog Albert. What do you wash your bones with???? I have seen bones in the largerTesco's as well.

Interested in the kombucha tea as well, have you thought of that too?

At this rate we will be fighting fit, and skipping around like sweet young things. You might even get a look in with Poldark.

margo i put my bones on a low wash, at temperature 30--- i use the economy wash, i dont spin them,-- with an extra rinse with lenor- i usually use the lemon flavor.... then i peg them on the line.... lol--- right, i use cold water with the bones in the basin...... i dont buy online margo i amnot confident.. Poldark--- yes cant wait- he is on his way round right now!!!

I nearly choked on my red wine (she that doesn't drink) when I read the first few lines of your machine wash......Good luck with Poldark, don't kill him with your enthusiasm!!!

My Nan and Mum, both Italian, would make stock, which was made into brodo, a soup with pastina in. They would buy a 'boiling' chicken, add to that a few carrots, an onion and celery. Boil for a few hours, strain, add the small pasta, cook add parmesan and eat! Also a base for other dishes.

Delicious Silver_Fairy!

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