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Free testosterone could be key to diagnosing hypogonadism ( international society for sexual medicine ) ( endocrinology )

The study was presented at the 17th European congress of endocrinology held in Dublin Ireland in May .european researchers have found that men with low free testosterone ( NHS they don't check free testosterone levels ) levels but normal total testosterone levels - often have symptoms of Hypogonadism ...I believe it's true because my total testosterone level normal but my free androgen index very low ! Little help from the NHS : international society for sexual medicine ...

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Thanks for posting, Borabora16.


I know now Why ı was sick ! My free testosterone levels was low

17 May 2017

Testosterone 10.47 nmol/L ( 7.60-31.40)

Free testosterone 24.21 ( 24.00-104.00) free androgen index ..........

..............17 August 2017 .....

Free androgen index 22.75 very low

SHBG 109 ...NHS doctors only check total testosterone levels ...


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