Okay so major problem.

I have hashimotos blah blah blah. Anyway I have started eating less calories to loose weight. I eat less than 1800 a day.

Recently, just found out that apparantly if you have hashi's and eat low-calorie then you gain weight?! Is this just if you aren't on meds. If I am on eutroxig thyroxine will I loose weight on low-calorie (I think I have been).

Please help!

hugs and kisses,

holly xx

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The thing is, Eutroxig is just T4, which has to be converted to T3 to be of any use. To convert, you need calories. It's nothing to do with Hashi's, this applies to people without any thyroid problems, too. The lower your calorie intake, the less you convert. Most anorexics end up hypo.

Admittedly, having Hashi's is an added handicap, because Hashi's people are usually poor converters, anyway. By then going on a low-calorie diet, you're not exactly helping yourself, are you. The less you convert, the more hypo you become, and the more weight you put on.

Besides, are you sure that extra weight is actually fat? If it's water-weight - which is very common with hypos - then low calorie isn't going to help anyway. What you need to do is optimise your T3.

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Thank you.

How do I optimise my T3? My next appointment isn't for a good few months so should I weight till then and ask my endo?


As I said, you are taking T4, which has to be converted to T3 in the body. And, that is the whole point of thyroid hormone replacement : to optimise T3. So, it depends on how well you are converting. But, without seeing any lab results, I can't tell you that.

Do you have any results you can post, with ranges?


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