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Dr is willing to prescribe T3 if it's needed.

Any comments on my results please.

TSH 1.5 mu/L. (0.40-4.00)

FT4. 18 pmol/L (10-20)

FT3 4.3 pmol/L (2.8-6.8)

RT3 458 pmol/L (170-450)

Iron 18 umol/L (10-33)

TIBC 75 umol/L (45-70)

Saturation 24% (16-50)

Ferritin 33ug/L (20-290)

MTHFR Genotype Analysis

C677T Mutation

Heterozygous Mutated Allele detected

Past history TT 17 years ago for PTC

Medication Throxine 100mcg 4 days 150mcg 3 days per week.

I was on 100mcg 6 days and 150 mcg 1 day per week until one month ago. I changed my dosage when my TSH rose to 2.6 and GP said everything is normal. New GP now.

Have just completed two courses of iron tablets.

Bloods were taken 24 hours after last dose.

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Really need to test vitamin D, folate and B12. Or are you already supplementing?

Ferritin still looks low. Do you like liver, if so eating once a week can help levels. (Can hide it in shepherds pie, bolognaise etc if you don't)

Small dose T3 may help


Bit D3. 72 (>49)

S. Folate 34.2. (8.4-55.0)

B12 injections given 3 monthly


Should read Vit D3 72 (>49)


First, I am sorry you had a TT and my personal opinion is if someone doesn't have a thyroid gland at all, they should be prescribed T4/T3 combination. If the new doctor is willing to prescribe some T3 to your T4 I'd certainly ask for a trial. I have my gland and am hypo but the addition T3 made to me was incredible. I am now on T3 only. Your TSH should be 1 or below whatever makes you feel better. I don't know why they just didn't give you 150mcg daily. Some of us need a suppressed TSH.

As some of your results are not good I am going to add in SeasideSusie who will assist in getting to grips with your vits/mineral deficiencies.


My GP thought TSH 2.6 was ok. I raised the dose of thyroxine myself 3 weeks ago.


Many GPs think/believe that a TSH anywhere in the range is fine but it isn't. TSH is from the Pituitary Gland which rises as thyroid gland is failing.We don't know what our TSH was before gland started failing but thankfully, due to the forum and researchers that we can find out what is helpful for us to feel well again with relief of symptoms.

I do think we should be allowed the ability to adjust our own thyroid hormones.