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Online records access


Hi, how long did you have to wait to get access to your online records?

Thanks to this page I found out it was legally possible to get the access. I applied at the end of Sept. The form said 7-14 days but practice rep said it could be longer. When I called to check progress they said it is with manager and I need to wait as the doctor needs to approve it and they have more important stuff such as seeing patients and prescriptions. I'm not sure if it needs to take this long.

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Just to be clear, I presume you mean you are asking for access to your blood test results, not your entire records? It's called enhanced access to blood tests at our surgery. It's only blood tests and results that are currently available to all NHS England patients though online access. Access to records are on their way but not available to all yet.

It took a day at my surgery to get online access. I collected and completed a form from reception, took it to my nurse appointment the same day and got the nurse to sign to verify my identity, I took it to reception and they gave me a password. I took password home and logged in. Hey presto!!

Yep, I mean blood tests. The rep called it detailed records. Blood tests are what I really want to see. They verified my ID and told further info would appear in my account once approved.

It might just be worth checking they understand that you mean access to blood test results. Then ask what the hold up is? Tell them you'll complain to healthwatch if you don't get a response in a week's time. You've waited longer than 2 weeks already. At the end of the day it will save the GP time as you will not need to ring or visit the GP to get results. The receptionist or IT manager only has to check a box on the pc to allow you access. I don't see what the GP has to do with it?

I believe they dont want to allow it. Just dont know why.

When I asked to apply for the access, they insisted I meant just appts and prescriptions. When I came to check up, they again asked whether I wanted appts and prescriptions. Eventually, the receptionist called the manager and said what I wrote above - that doctors have more important stuff to do.

Thanks for your advice, will do some more reading on NHS website and tell them I am abt to complain.

Sounds a bit like they are dragging their heels, for whatever reason. It's in their interests to get people signed up as it cuts down on people ringing up.

Our practice has an online system which lets you see your records (in summary), book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and see details of any referrals and test results. It's fantastic and saves everyone time. As far as I recall the process to get started took a few days - I think the original password came in a letter shortly after the application.

Maybe the receptionists are reluctant to relinquish their power... ;)

joanna123456 in reply to Fio1331

Haha, most likely they are.

I have the prescription and appts account but the latter basically never works.

Thanks for confirming it's taking too long in my case.

You could write to the practice manager requesting more timely access and copy Healthwatch into the letter. Include the NHS info as it should have been available since 2015 so no excuse for taking so long.

I get my results by taking in a letter asking copies for my bloods, initally told it would be a 4 day wait but ive managed to soften up the ladies on reception by being very polite and giving them a pack of luxury biccies and now i get them the same day- it was hard work as i cant stand one of the ladies but it worked.😉

It won’t work with my practice. I received the copies twice but only because I asked doctors. Even though I told at reception the doctor agreed they double checked. Another doctor just printed them out saying I can have them but she was there on temp contract only and it was her last day unfortunately.

Thats a shame, dont be fobbed off, you need copies or access online regardless if they are busy or not. Go for it!!😊

thats motivating, thanks!


The EMIS online system will access your medical record and all test results. You take ID to surgery, fill in a form and when it is signed by a doctor you will be sent user name details etc.

It isn't an optional extra. You have to have it if you wish.

joanna123456 in reply to Hidden

That’s what I did three weeks ago. Thanks for confirming I am right.

Hidden in reply to Hidden

I've done this and I still don't have my records.

I have signed up foronline contact with my GP surgery. Apart from making appointments etc. I can access my blood test results

joanna123456 in reply to jumped

lucky you :)

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