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Vitamin K2-MK7

We are often advised to take Vit K2-MK7 as a cofactor for Vitamin D supplementation. What dose is recommended? I am looking at Amazon and there are tablets containing 45mcg, 75mcg, 90mcg,100mcg, 200mcg, 500mcg and 600mcg and also 30mcg drops. Any opinions out there?

I currently take 10,000iu Vitamin D softgels (the vitamin D is already dissolved in the olive oil in the capsule) twice a week, but I was going to add in the cofactor K2-MK7 to go with it. I have heard that Magnesium is good as well, but since dark chocolate contains quite a bit I might eat that instead (who wouldn't!).

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90-100mcg K2-MK7 is normal.

The normal amount of magnesium asa supplement is about 350-400mg. Magnesium helps D3 to work. Googling shows that dark chocolate has 146mg Magnesium in 100g of chocolate, so to get the normal amount of magnesium recommended you'd need around 200-250g chocolate a day, maybe not the best way to get magnesium! A good bioavailable magnesium supplement is probably a better way :)




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