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40 TSH!!!

Hello! I'm really stressed because I've moved from Athens, Greece where I can ask to see my endocrinologist whenever I need to but I got my blood tests back from the NHS last week and they told me that I had a TSH of 40 and when I asked to see an endo they told me that I didn't have to and that I should just up my dose. My question is this: How can I see an endo in the UK? I don't mind going private but do I need a referral from the NHS? If not, what do I do- just look up a private endo in my area?

Thank you!

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You need a referral or could go private but if you read the posts here you will see most are diabetes experts and not much use on thyroid.You certainly need a higher dose.



Most private specialists at least like you to be referred, most often by a GP, but some do accept "self-referral".

Many hypothyroid patients, such as me, never get to see an endocrinologist. Hypothyroidism is usually regarded as something GPs can manage.

Given the cost of specialist appointments, it could be less expensive to get a flight back to Athens.

A TSH of 40 is high - and surprisingly so for someone who has been treated well. There is a possibility that this result has been interfered with by, for example, antibodies to TSH. Such surprise high values should be followed up by a repeat test done at a lab known not to use a process that is susceptible to such interference.


Btw telling you to go back to Athens isn't a joke. If you can access better treatment in another country for your hypothyroidism then do so.


No - it is not a joke. It is with sadness and heavy heart. And full recognition of how ridiculous it is.

An appointment at possibly £200 plus lab tests it could easily be less expensive - but I do not know the endo costs in Greece.


Oh, I am aware that it wasn't a joke, don't worry. Yes, it is sad that people with thyroid issues have never seen an endo. Thank you all for your responses to me :-)

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