watching the health prog tonight itv i am going to try this

i buy flavoured bottle water because it is hard water in my area and disgusting- even boiled it is vile-fill a jug with water ,leave uncovered in fridge overnight and it gets rid of the chlorine, so i shall try this, i will leave it to warm up to room temp as too cold not good for kidneys i dont think. i willsee what it tastes like.


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  • Are there other chemicals in your water?

  • oh i expect so being tap water

  • Mine's horrible. You can smell the chlorine when the water's running. I have an expensive undersink filter. It gets rid of everything except fluoride. The kind that attaches to faucets doesn't remove enough. I ended up getting a distiller.

  • I live in a hard water area too. I filter my water to remove chemicals but have to leave the filtered water uncovered for about 20 minutes to dispell the chlorine

  • malancy have you a britax or water filter in kitchen

  • Yes, Britain filter jug.

  • Brita

  • There are some good value filters available which you can attach to the kitchen tap to get rid of chlorine, fluoride and other rubbish. I bought one from Amazon for my son and it makes a difference. The filters need to be changed every 6 months but apart from that it's easy to install on the tap itself.

  • 19 chemicals I recall from school

  • Whats this about? What programme, i drink alot of tap water! Xx

  • tuesdays 8pm itv - i cant remember the title now

  • Oh right i will have a look at dinnertime on catchup.x

  • Aparantly leaving water in a copper jug overnight is good you could look into it.....When water is stored in a copper vessel overnight or for over eight hours, a very small amount of copper ions gets dissolved into the water. This process is called Oligodynamic effect which has the ability to destroy a wide range of harmful microbes, molds, fungi etc.

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