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Menopause is now a newsworthy topic! Breaking the taboo! Keep the faith, could be thyroid issues next?

So, I'm sitting, watching the news on tv.

I have nothing to add, regarding the symptoms of menopause. Been there, had the 'wet' T shirt....

If only, the GP, who has set up a menopause clinic, would consider opening a thyroid clinic!

Now that, would be, another hidden health topic opened up for debate. And, not before time!

Clinics, for smoking cessation, flu jabs, diabetic clinics, menopause clinics, ...come on, where and when, thyroid clinics!!!

Surely thyroid clinics would be cost effective too. No more, constant trips to GP, searching, for better care plans. A regular, check up clinic, whereby, thyroid patients are understood to have real symptoms, that need treating.

One day....

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Thyroid Clinics with sufferers as Advisers? Allowed to prescribe whatever thyroid hormone makes the patients fit and well with relief of symptoms?

Ah well - we can but dream :) Full blood tests every six months.


My GP got a science based graduate to run a HRT clinic-we only talked about my thyroid! So brilliant!


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