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looks like I am switching to T3. currently taking NDT

I have been taking nature thyroid for some time now and have found a perfect dosing regime. ie 1.25 grains twice daily and a nibble most days if my head starts swimming. Due to the unavailability of NDT I am ordering some T3, 25mcg ,100 tabs. I have some levo lying around but not sure whether to take straight T3 or mix with levo and how much I will need either way.

My nature thyroid is 22.5 T3 daily with nibbles to about 25 mcg in all and 95mcg of T4 plus nibbles.

So I think in all I am taking 100 mcg of T4 plus 25mcg of T3. Does this sound like a good dose if I mix.

How would I take if I just took T3. Could I just take little nibbles through out the day. I think I will need to at least split dose as daily dose of NDT taken all at once makes my heart thump.

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Do you have TSH, FT4 and FT3 from taking 2.5 grains NDT?

You should be able to quarter a 25mcg T3 tablet with a pillcutter to divide dose but I doubt you'll be able to cut it down into smaller doses.

I would start with T4 + T3 rather than switch to T3 only.


I only has a recent TSh result of 0.49. I have not bothered to get blood done in recent months as my body is very clearly dicating need. I cant stand up if too low and heart thumps if too much with about half a grains leeway in between. I am starting to feel weird now as due a dose. I am very nervous about changing. A year ago and low thyroid hormones meant fatigue and constipation and weight gain. Now a low dose effects my brain very quickly and I am sure I have permanent brain damaged from the time I stopped the hormones the end of last year. I am concerned that messing about could lead to a coma and still normal blood results.My GP has said if blood indicated thyroid problems and I get ill due to change or lack of medication he will prescribe T3.



Impossible to tell whether you are optimally dosed with only TSH to go on so I think you'll have to suck it and see how you do on 100mcg T4 and 25mcg T3.

I have no thyroid and was off meds for 4 weeks. I wasn't at all well but I was still walking about, feeding myself and my dogs. I was nowhere near going into a coma.


Thanks clutter. I dont think I would be walking about for 2 days or even one now with out thyroid hormones. Something funny has happened to me.

I will check my T4 supply to make sure in date and wait arrival of T3.


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