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Interview Dr Bianco from Lancet article March 20, 2017 by People's Pharmacy in USA

Here is a link that will be of interest to many from the American "People!s Pharmacy." Joe and Terry Graedon are excellent sources of medical information and this interview focuses on thyroid hormone and the state of diagnosis and future research. It's 30 minutes and well worth the time investment.


Hope the link works. It did for me.

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Hmmm too much about TSH and the grey area of between 5&10 what he talks about is typical of Dr's. This is not a grey area it's hypothyroidism. Leave women of child bearing age with a TSH that high and they are 30% more likely to miscarriage or have infertility problems in the first place.

TSH of 10 is horrendous. Big links to heart disease.

Rondini et al

'Subclinical hypothyroidism is associated with an increased risk of Chronic Heart Disease events and Chronic Heart Disease mortality in those with higher TSH levels, particularly in those with a TSH concentration of 10mlU/L or greater'

No mention of Dl02 gene, high cortisol, RT3 and other reasons of non conversion.

No mention of antibodies.

T4 mono therapy is good for some but at least 20% of hypos suffer greatly left solely on T4. Personally I think that level is far greater especially when you look at how many people on T4 monotherapy are still suffering on here.

Patients were well on NDT before the 70's when synthetic T4 pill was developed and I'm guessing the switch had a lot to do with pharmaceutical companies and profit?!

Slow release Combination pill would be great but again it will be another money spinner. Sure Concordia are concocting something as we speak.


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