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Dr. Tom O'Bryan Talks about Gluten

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This talk was so full of information I wish I could copy it all. The portion about gluten was very enlightening. Other toxins have so much to do with it as we are becoming aware whether it is antibiotics they spray or put in food or chemicals in GMOs. Even particulate matter in the air when it is inhaled goes from the lungs to the brain. In fact Inhalation Alzheimer's is the third of five types of Alzheimer's. Very frightening.

Animal life has been greatly reduced in the wild during the last 25 years due to toxins. Two out of five couples cannot become pregnant. Babies are born with toxins already in their system. In Mexico dogs are found to have Alzheimer’s they discovered at autopsy. So we must take steps wherever we can to reduce our toxic load which is one of the reasons gluten becomes a problem. Plastic, pesticides and fire retardants are among the worst.

Every degenerative disease is inflammatory, the cell is on fire and gluten may be the gasoline spurring it on. Dr. Bryan states that proteins are like a pearl necklace, hydrochloric acid undoes the clasp, enzymes act as scissors to break down each pearl (amino acid). Your GI tract is lined with cheese cloth so only little pearls can get through. Here is where GLUTEN comes in. NO human has the scissors (or enzyme) to break down wheat….they become just clumps (peptides). If you had no other toxins causing gut problems some wheat may not have an effect but really everyone is sensitive to some degree.

These peptides begin to annoy the G I tract and after enough irritation they arouse the immune system which begins to attack them, now you have cells on fire and inflammation. Then your weakest link begins to fail whether it’s eyes, brain, kidneys or liver. What has happened is you have LOSS OF ORAL TOLERANCE toward wheat.

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Dr.Tom O’Bryan really explains it well!!