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Pregnant with Hashimotos and very high antibodies

Hello everyone

I am 33 weeks pregnant, just had a recent TFT and antibody test. Tft all good, tsh is 1 and t4 is 17, however my tpo antibodies are 1300 and thyroglobulin 300. Its really worried me despite the Dr's reasurrance that they are harmless to the baby. I'm concerned about a post natal autoimmune flare. Could any of you knowledgeable people off any advice or reassurance please?

Thanks in advance

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Congratulations on your pregnancy.

If you'd also like some comments on your TFT results members will respond if you post the results with the ranges.

Re your antibodies, these can be reduced by going gluten-free.

This is a link which may be helpful.



Hi Shaws

Thanks for replying, I am gluten free as I'm coeliac.


O.K. that's good :) This is a link which may be helpful for you.



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