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I have additional lab results

Hi everyone, as you may recall a month ago I have posted my lab results of the following on which I have received your valuable comments.

Total T3 = 0.76ng/ml Range 0.58-1.59

Thyroxine =6.56ug/ml Range 4.5-12

TSH = 2.344IU/ml Range 0.35-4.94

Free T3=2.68pg/ml Range 1.71-3.71

FreeT4=0.86ng/dl Range 0.70-1.48

Vit D =9.8ng/ml Range 20-100

Iron = 74ug/dl Range 50-170

Folate serum=3.5ng/ml Range 3.1-20.5

Vit B12 = 203pg/ml Range 134-605

Ferritin = 42.80 Range 4.63-204

After your comments I have presented the results and my Endo and she ordered another tests, serum vit D, calcium, phosphorous and PTH. Today (Oct 6, 2017) I have obtained the results for the three of them.

serum Vit D - 9.2ng/mL Range= 20-100

serum calcium 7.8mg/dL Range = 8.1-10.4

serum phosphorous 3.1mg/dL Range 2.5-5

It would be helpful if you could comment today's results in relation with previous results, so that I have an idea what to ask my Endo. As always I count on your support.

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Same advice stands as to previous post

Your under medicated, you need Levo dose increased

Vitamins all need urgent attention as per SeasideSusie excellent advice

Suggest you find a new endo or manage alone




Ditto what SlowDragon says. This endo is doing you no favours.

Address the Vit D and that will increase calcium uptake from food so your calcium level should improve also.

All information on how to improve your nutrient levels are in my reply to your previous thread and all need urgent attention.

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