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Rising ferritin? Help with bloodtest

HI, I've just had my iron panel done this week and( the last time was about 6/7wk ago ) I had stopped supplementing after that test as I had been getting funny symptoms ever since I had first started supplements just a few weeks before that so I laid off all supplements since all was in a good place ....unfortunately serum iron as dropped from 20 (7.0-30.0) to 16.3

TIBC as risen slightly from 42 to 44 umol/L (45.0-80.0)

...but I'm confused as to why my ferritin as gone from 133 to 190 ug/L (10-291)?? Why would ferritin rise if I haven't been supplementing? ? Also should I start supplements again? ..and if I do will ferritin keep rising?Why would ferritin rise without supplements and what could happen if it was to get too high? ?Thanks

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Ferritin is stored iron. It fluctuates throughout the day and night. When there is sufficient iron circulating excess iron to requirement is pushed into ferritin. When more iron is required it is drawn from ferritin.

I don't think you need to supplement iron but I'm no expert.

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