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Private clinics ?

Private clinics ?

Hello everyone , My first post on here , I am just wondering if any of you have been to a private clinic for help , it is so difficult to get a full blood count test from my surgery , i am virtually house bound so tired but cant sleep at night .. help and advice needed ... thank you.. I am on the left on the photo almost 10yrs ago and 4st heavier and bloated and blurry eyed ..

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Have you thought of asking your Doctor to make you an appointment with a Private-consultant Endocrinologist.

You are entitled to a second



jeaniec53 Welcome to the forum.

Many of us here use a home fingerprick test (or venous blood draw for extra cost) from Blue Horizon or Medichecks. They both do a range of thyroid tests and thyroid/vitamin and mineral bundles, and are very reasonably priced with excellent service, results being back within 1-2 days from receipt of blood sample.

If having a test, the best value ones are Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven and Medichecks Thyroid Check Ultravit which tests the full thyroid panel including both types of antibodies, plus the important vitamins and minerals. Look through their test catalogue if you want more than those, there's plenty to choose from.

Be aware that many private endocrinologists also work for the NHS and generally toe the NHS line, so you may just be paying for them to treat you exactly the same as going through the NHS.


If you email who has a list of recommended doctors (private) who may help.

You don't say whether you have already been diagnosed as hypothyroid.

Many of our members do their own thing, i.e. buy thyroid hormones which suit and follow advice of members.

I'd get a new blood test which is TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. Ask GP for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Blood tests have always to be at the very earliest, fasting and if you take thyroid hormones you allow a gap of 24hours between last dose and test and take afterwards, otherwise your results will be skewed. If having your own thyroid hormes tested, always make sure your body is well hydrated a couple of days before blood is drawn.

Always get a print-out of the results with the ranges and you can post for comments.


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