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Can anybody help with blood results PLEASE

anti-TPO antibodies 44 lU/mL ( normal <60 ) TSH <0.01 mU/L Free T4 17.5 pmol/l FreeT3 6.3 pmol/L Vitamin D 55 nmol/L Calcium 2.28 mmol/L Vitamin B12 832 ng/L Folate 7.5 ug/L Ferritin 81.9 ug/L ALT 139 IU/L

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Can you add ranges please.

All labs are different.

Plus what dose you are currently taking,and any supplements would be useful

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The letter to my Gp didn't state ranges it just gave the results. It did say my ALT was high.

I take Levothyroxine 150 mg Liothyronine 20 Mcg Calcitriol 0.25 MCG

Not much help I'm afraid without the reference ranges. Jill


Suggest you ask for print out of blood results from receptionist or register for access to your online medical record, check if you can get blood test results online, likely to need enhanced access

Vitamin D is on low side. Those ranges are pretty standard

We tend to need it around 70nmol as minimum

Surprised your not taking B vitamins as B12 looks good

Ferritin, can't tell without ranges


I am hypoparathyroid and expect that is why my vit D is low. I was wondering about the B12 and pleased to hear it is in a good range........its not that that's making me feel so tired.

I have never tried to access my medical records on line I wasn't aware you were able to........I will have to investigate.

Thank you for your assistance. x

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They don't advertise it!

GP's probably welcome it as much as a patient arriving carrying pages from google!

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Very true.


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