bbc2 tonight billion dollar deals and what they are charging NHS, and thyroid tablet went from a pittance to £9 a packet

not sure if that was levo or t3,but what the nhs spend on these various drug hikes is appalling- all down to the drug companies no wonder we have no NHS hyrocortisone gone to 77 pounds a packet from a pittance- its DISGUSTING and something or someone should be doing something about this, report says people have been taken off thryoid hormones because of this and their health has suffered. this GIT who maintains he doesnt know why this happens is blushing and talking rubbish, concordia is one culprit.this is why we have no NHS, this programme you will have to look on catch up is possible

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You're just being paranoid.

We've got a pill for that... for "something or someone should be doing something about this" you're absolutely right, that's us. Everyone has to do something. The problem lies in giving our power away every day which means it's in the hands of the few. If everyone does something, great things can be achieved. Only you know what you can do - think it, ink it, do it, review it.

It was about T3 and i could have strangled the idiot who said it was regretable a small group of complcated patients neededa medicine that there was little competion for hence price rise

This guy isn't an idiot. He is looking after his back pocket and those whom he represents, confounding the issue so that action isn't taken. Goldshield had no problem producing liothyronine ten years ago at 16p a tablet when volumes were a touch lower. I'm pretty sure it was quite a bit cheaper when I first started it in 2001. I sent some evidence to the CMA yesterday so hopefully it will help. It would be useful if patients could lobby the CMA now as they are about to make a decision whether to investigate Concordia . If you contact them I suggest you are brief and just cover the effects it has had on you, especially if you have been told you can no longer have liothyronine on the NHS.

I have followed your suggestion and have sent a brief email to the CMA. I’m emailing anyone I can think of who might be able to help with the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in re the pricing of T3.

hi i will certainly do this but idonot know which person to contact can you help here please

i have just looked at CMA website. I presume it's Businesses Abusing their Dominant Position. I used the ODT Version. You need to fill in the form (I think) and write your massive concern in Describe your Issue. Or I guess you could find their email address and do it that way

oh i emailed the senior responsible officer now it hink it wa s steve, not sure now but its gone withmy MOAN

Marigold22 you are correct, it should really be through the official form . I would urge people to be brief otherwise the important points will be lost. They know about the cost issues, you can briefly mention it but what they don't have is details of potential harm such as no longer being able to work or having to buy over the internet with its attendant risks.

i have already sent a moan off on the otherlink tothe wrong person so who and what do i choose on this form please

The Word document on the form is straightforward except for where they ask you what market the issue is in. I would just enter 'pharmaceuticals' and leave the CMA to give the precise indexing. You then e-mail the form with your comments to the general enquires address on the form.

i missed that bit- what a total arrogant bigot of a pratt!!!!!!!!

Thanks. I was out earlier so missed it. Just watched on i-player: hope I can still sleep tonight.

Billion Dollar Deals and How They Changed Your World:

"In the late seventies, Henry Gadsden, the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company, told a business magazine that the industry had a problem. In treating disease, they were limiting their client base. But by reinventing illness, treating the well and making the taking of prescription drugs as everyday as chewing a stick of gum, they could medicate modern life itself.

From ADHD in children to the way GPs diagnose depression in adults, we look at the deals that have transformed the way we talk about and treat mental health. But what has been their real legacy? Jacques Peretti investigates the deals struck between health professionals and pharmaceutical companies and questions whether Gadsden's dream to medicate modern life has finally been realised."

...and the link to ITT petition:

Told CMA again today I need T3 due to faulty gene.

For those who missed it, the name of the spokesman who effectively dismissed hypothyroid patients in need of T3 was Warwick Smith of the British Generic Manufacturers Association.

Pressed on the T3 question (on which he denied knowing the exact circumstances), he said: “If you look at that sort of therapy area, where it’s a very complex area, there are a range of products available. For a few patients a specific product which, because it’s complex, because there are few patients, will be expensive, is right. For other patients with the same condition, there are equally good alternatives where there’s more competition and lower prices. So it’s important that the right product is chosen for the right patient and, as I say, for a lot of these products the choice is, do you keep those small number of patients on the product that is best for them, or do you decide investment in that product to keep it on the market can’t be afforded?”

[Transcribed from BBC iPlayer today]

i am googling the bastard and when i find him ishall send him my total disaproval and tell him a thing or two! here we are people and now i suggest we ALL EMAIL HIM HE IS ON LINKEDIN as well

Will write to the pig. Tell him how T4 affected me and my life

MARIGOLD THI SGUY BELOW IS THE NEAREST I CAN GET TO THE CREEP- PIGS ARE LOVELY.. I WILL WRITE A SACTHING EMAIL INFACT IT WILL BE scathing! Have emailed Warwick Smith at the Contact Us link on British Generics website. It's bounced twice now...

marigold and everyone, i emailed jeremy and the link above i think, from marigold and got this reply back so here is ANOTHER EMAIL ADDRESS you can use and you know it will get thru.

Ania Swirski []

I am out of the office returning on Thursday 19th October.

If the matter cannot wait, please contact another member of your account team.

Many thanks,



The Quality Forum is open to full and associate members of the BGMA. To find out about joining contact Jeremy Durrant



email to Jeremy Durrant at British Generics has bounced too. Have they been snowed under?

well well well i hope so but do not give up----- iwont give upletus know ifthey get thru ok

i have emailedjeremy and the other link to warwicksmith

I did get an email to send to Warwick Smith. Requested a read receipt but not got one yet.

yes i just sent two off-- told them a thingor two requested aread receipt too

Still no read receipts from either Warwick Smith or Jeremy Durrant. No doubt ignoring plethora of emails received on purpose :-(

Read receipts mean very little - at least, lack of them. Many people set their system never to send them. Others only do so when they really want to.

i have a reply!!!

see the reply marigold and everyone it came thru yesterday

here is the reply from this guy, so he has sent the email to me and 'steadman..' he has left his email here so you can continue the fight for T3 pricing.

Paul Dean []

From: Paul Dean []

Sent: 11 October 2017 17:17

To: ‘MY EMAIL WAS HERE’/ Geoff Steadman

Subject: RE: regarding drug pricing


Dear ‘blue pettals’

Thank you for your e-mail to Geoff Steadman dated 28 September, setting out your experience of Liothyronine treatment and information regarding withdrawal of Liothyronine. I am the Assistant Project Director on one of the CMA’s investigations in the pharmaceuticals sector.

I am not able to share details of the CMA's ongoing investigations, beyond the information set out on our website: However, please be assured that the information you have provided is of interest to us and we are grateful that you have contacted us.

Kind regards


Paul Dean | Assistant Project Director | Antitrust | Competition and Markets Authority

Victoria House | Southampton Row | London | WC1B 4AD | @CMAgovUK

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