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feeling better now after taking B12

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Hi All, I wrote to you just over a week ago saying how unwell I felt with all the usual underactive thyroid problems that it brings us !!! but the main problem was this awful feeling of being 'OF BALANCE' not dizzy, not spinning around but just like being on a boat ...that's the only way I can describe it, after talking to the forum and showing my B12 results. of 239 ... I started taking B12 .. I couldn't believe it within 2 days I noticed I was feeling more steadier ..but after 4 days it had gone ..that horrible feeling was gone... I take NT 2 and a quarter grains, one in the morning and one a night and now take my B12 twice a day ... I am awaiting for my endo to get back of her holiday so I can get my T3 & T4 tested privately ... thanks so much to everyone especially seasidesuzy...

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Brilliant. It's so nice to read of things improving for people.

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