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Blood test providers

Hi all, my (private) endo has requested a blood test (TSH, T4 and FT3) to check my levels now that we’ve added Liothyronine to my meds. BUPA will not authorise, my GP’s refused to measure the FT3 despite the nurse’s note on the sample, so I will have to self fund. The private healthcare provider is HCA and they’re charging £213. Are the other testers like BH etc “official” enough to for the endo? Thanks x

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BH and similar use testing facilities that are often NHS labs so, yes, they should be fine for your private endocrinologist who will probably understand that you are not willing to fund the inflated HCA price.

ETA: Assuming you've had full blood tests previously with your vitamins and minerals, if you just want a 'calibration' check something like this (and BH has similar) might fit the bill: medichecks.com/thyroid-func...

There are often special offers - like the so-called Thyroid Thursday from the testing facilities.



Blue Horizon and Medichecks use accredited labs. There's no reason why your private endo should not accept the results.

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I don't know if they will be acceptable enough for your endo, but they use accredited labs the same as the NHS. Some doctors accept them, some don't.

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My GP always accepts my Medichecks test results :) He claims that as long as they are an accredited Lab he recognises and acts upon results. I dont see why a GP wouldnt accept them but each to his own. other labs are available too BTW, Blue Horizon for example :) Good luck :)


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