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Quick question

Hello everyone, thank you for all your help so far. I'm contacting my gp for further blood tests which il post on here. I don't want to miss anything off so was hoping if someone could list exactly what's best to be tested for T3, T4, TSH and all the vitamins that a sufferer could be lacking in. Would someone mind listing exactly what's best for requesting. Thank you in advance

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Hi Alice, the usual ones to ask for are B12, D3, Folate and Ferritin as people with thyroid disease can be deficient in these. Also ask for TPO and IGA antibodies to see if you have the autoimmune version of the disease, aka Hashimoto's. Remember to get blood tests done as early in the morning as you can, on an empty stomach and 24 hours after your last dose of Levothyroxine, or 12 hours after T3, depending on what you take.


Thank you so much. Do you also know if I need to ask for T3 T4 and free T3 etc, I'm not quite sure what that all means but Iv read it all on here and I know last blood test they missed off T3


Yes, NHS doctors only test Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (which is produced by the pituitary gland), and T4, the storage hormone. The really important hormone T3, is not usually tested by doctors, unless you are lucky enough to have a really enlightened one, so many people have that done privately. Post your results, with the numbers in brackets (the ranges) when you get them and you'll get some advice on where to go from there.


Thank you so much! Hopefully my request gets granted! Il list all of these now to my gp and see how far it get

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