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First order of Thyroid S from Thailand.

First order of Thyroid S from Thailand.

I ordered these a few weeks ago and to my surprise they arrived in about a week. There was good email communication from the seller and I was happy with the transaction.

I have decided to self medicate and as this is my first order I wanted to post a photo to ask if these are 'the real thing'. It worried me a bit that they say ' for research use only'. Does anybody have any experience of these?

Thank you.

Other photo in next message!

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Some people think that writing that rubbish on the tablets absolves them from any responsibility for supplying the medication. There is a description of the tablets and ingredients in stopthethyroidmadness.com/a... and if you Google Thyroid-S images you should be able to see what the tablets look like.


Thank you for that. This forum is truly a godsend!

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The comment "For research use only" is stuck on to try and pull the wool over the eyes of customs officials. Somehow, I doubt it works!

A few years ago I bought Thyroid-S from someone who stuck the "research only" label on, and the product was fine. I don't know if using the label was unique to that seller or whether it is common to a few of them.


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