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Saliva tests?

Hi there, has anybody here been diagnosed with a saliva test? I have had my bloods done on the NHS and it came back with nothing (but many say the NHS tests aren't very good) - I have also sent my bloods to medichecks and am awaiting my results, but am wondering - are they always correct? Would a saliva test be the best next thing to do? Has anyone here done a saliva test to diagnose Hypothyroidism or Hashimotos? Many thanks in advance.

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I didn't know there was a thyroid saliva test. I only know of saliva adrenal test (cortisol and dhea) and sex hormones.

What were your NHS results - if you post them with the reference ranges then members can comment. You need a high TSH to be diagnosed and TSH is highest very early in the morning after an overnight fast. What time was your blood drawn, and had you eaten?

Medichecks and Blue Horizon are both used by many members here. They use accredited labs so are no different from the NHS tests.


We must have been writing similar things at the same time?!

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Before you decide to have a saliva test (I haven't heard of it personally for diagnosing thyroid disease), how about posting your blood results with the ranges here to see whether they really are 'nothing.'? You are entitled to a copy from your doctor under the Data Protection Act. Or wait for the Medichecks results and post them? You need to have blood taken early in the morning on an empty stomach before taking any medication, otherwise this can affect the results. And how are you feeling to want to have these done?


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