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Thailand ndt name / sources of t3 please


I'm ready to take the next step, I have a friend who goes to Thailand regularly and is willing to pick up some ndt for me. I'm also going to try and find some t3 . I had bloods done a while ago ( medichecks) which showed I'm not converting very well . My health is very bad ( 15 years on levo) I'm waiting to see an endo as doctor was clueless. My app is in 3 weeks but during the wait I've deteriorated and I fear if I don't act soon I will be all out of options . I was hoping to wait until I had spoken to the endo but either way now a change has to be made for my sanity. Obviously I would rather wait fir his approval but with the current state of things with t3 here and the likelihood of it being supplied by my Gp it's time to get the wheels in motion and hopefully have his support ( endo)

I understand this is via Pm only

I will be very grateful for your help and understanding .

Happy Friday everyone

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I feel very sorry for people who have had their lives ruined when levothyroxine doesn't seem to have done them many favours. Thousands seem to do fine on levo but on this forum it seems not.

I wouldn't build up your hopes too much on your appointment with the Endo but I do sincerely hope he treats the patient and not the blood test only.

Those who have information will respond by Private Message and I'll close this post so that only messages will be sent.

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