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Thyroid HELP!

Hi everyone! I feel like I may have thyroid problems. I have felt so bad for the last year or so. I leave my home about 3 times a month and that's just to get groceries. All my labs come back fine except my tsh is 0.98 this month, it was 0.25 last month. My t4 is 1.0. I feel like there is something so wrong but not sure of these numbers. Can anyone out there help?

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Hello Koorr25912,

I'm not sure why you've been a day without replies. But a general rule of thumb is to post your blood test results in full. And symptoms. As it's Wednesday. Might I suggest you look into getting a test done by Medichecks or Blue Horizon. The primary has a discount on Thursdays. You might have Perinaus Anaemia - if you look through other posts in the search bar - and read some similar posts. It sounds like you need further tests to help establish the root cause of your energy level depletion. Are you on anything from your gp? What has he/she said? Other symptoms?


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