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How much is too much adrenal glandular/Adrenavive?

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For those that have taken Adrenavive (or other adrenal glandulars), how much do you take? I'm currently on 875mg (3x Adrenavive III (250mg cortex only) + 1x Adrenavive II (125mg cortex only)) a day and still experience fatigue, brain fog and recurrent infection. I'm thinking of increasing further.

Has anyone felt like at some point they took too much and if so, what did that feel like?

Thanks for your time

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Hi Cromaty: Can you give a little of your background, e.g. your most recent thyroid blood tests including the figures in brackets. Do you have any other results for ferritin/iron, vitamin D, B12 and folate.

More importantly did you have a 9 a.m. serum cortisol test and/or saliva cortisol test to determine low cortisol levels are and can you supply those results too.

You are on a very high dose of Adrenavive and am wondering why such a high dose. There could be something else going on with you.

How long have you been diagnosed with hypo and do you have auto immune hypo.

It would help members here to respond to you if you could give some of the above information.

I took adrenavive ll a while and felt it was beneficial. .I raised up to 4 a day (I rang the company i bought from and they said I could take up to 4 a day of them ( 500mg) ) but felt like I was going backwards so I dropped back and felt better for it! That's a massive dose you are taking and I suspect is unnecessary. ..try dropping right back and see how you go....or maybe the full glandular and not cortex only may be an option .

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