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T3 sources

Have spent hours trying to find a T3 supplier in Germany, France, Greece, Mexico etc. etc. but struggling.

They want a minimum order, or don't take cards or Paypal, I am not comfortable without a little protection!

Could anyone point me in the direction of a good & reasonably priced supplier please?

I have been given some recommendations - but they have not come through for me unfortunately, so if anyone can help, please PM me, and put me out of my misery! ;0)

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MasterCard and Visa have withdrawn merchant facilities from online pharmacies which aren't signed up to FDA's LegitScript and PayPals t&cs don't permit use of PP to buy prescription meds so you may have to use alternative moneypayment sites like Western Union, Moneygram and others.


Hi am new have sent one message this morning then came across this posting . Can you pls advise me of the pharmacies that supply T3 have been trying to source some. Specialist taking me off it slowly . Have been to t3/t4 for few years and t3 only for 10 years before . Says NHS redlined t3 as it shows no better than benefit than t4 (and the price is too expensive to supply on NHS now. ) Totally disagree !!!! But having paid £1200 for 6 months supply of t3 for combined treatment. I cannot afford to keep taking it at uk prices. Many thanks


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