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childs blood results

Just got a print out of childs blood from GP and they look thyroid wise so healthy that I wonder if my cold, constipated, overweight tired child with learning diffs that re getting worse has a thyroid problem.

An endo who specialises in resistance to thyroid alpha offerred to supervise testing and possible treatment but my child pediatrcian decided she just needed to speak to a local endo instead. The local endo has said there is no need for further testing.

The resistance to thyroid alpha often has a low or below range T4 and a high T3. When I read my childs results I was suprised at how high his T3was considering his symptoms and his T4 is a little bit on the low side but not alarmingly so.

Anyway his results are:

T3 5.8 (3.1-6.8)

T4 15.7 (12-22)

TSH 1.10

I thought his ferritin a bit low at 48.9 (33-400)

She said she would take antibodies but does not appear to have done so.

Any thoughts.I contacted the specialist endo a while back who said that my childs pediatrcian had said she would phone her with results I cant imagine that she has. I also cant find my print off of all the studies done on this condition. I have sacked the pediatrcian and asked that my childs care be now under his GP.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies.

Your son's thyroid results are euthyroid (normal) and don't indicate thyroid dysfunction. FT4 15.7 isn't low for someone not taking Levothyroxine and FT3 5.8 is very healthy.

Ferritin appears low for an adult but I don't know whether the same is true for children.

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yes Im really stumped by this. I persauded him to go over the park the other day, he didnt want to go as he just wants to lie on his bed and insisted on wearing 2 teashirts, 2 jumpers and a coat as he said he was so cold. It is really strange I am just thinking that although his blood results are really good the thyroid hormones are not getting into his cells for some reason. He will be seeing a good endo who trained under Dr Hertogies soon so I will await the appointment and her opinion. he does seem a bit brighter sometimes than he has.


Maybe he does have antibodies. These wax and wane, sometimes to many and at other times low.


I suspect he may have this resistance to thyroid alpha, there were so many boxes he ticked for it and I think the decsion to not test was due to over dependance on specific blood results. It is a newly discovered condition so being so specific about biological markers when it is not known how widespead and how it might vary in different people is very limiting.

The peadiatrcian said she would take his antibodies but did not do so. I had too fight tooth and nail for these blood tests and I was traumatised for days by the blood taking event. I asked the pead to do as much as possible in one go as my child finds blood tests very distressing but it was a bit of a lost battle.

I am hoping this interesting new doctor will be able to shed some light. he also had what appeared to be a lime rash a year or so back. I think I need to find some way of burying my head in the sand a bit more where my children are concerned. My husband and his family are just not interested in them or each other. They dont bother to communicate so dont find out about any problems. They watch tele and go to church and avoid any of lifes challanges. I have seriously thought about asking my doctor if he could support me having a drug habit so that I can experiance some obliviousness to my childrens problems.


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