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Anvice needed NDT- Nature throid

Hello lovely people, after 4-5 days i have to encrease my NDT from 2 grains to 2 and 1/2 grains according to recommendations ''Every 10-14 days encreasing with 1/2 grain until reaching 3 grains''...but, i still have my left part thyroid /the other part- right, was removed last year- Papillary carcinoma/

...and my question is, if i have part thyroid and it's still works whether these milligrams-130 will not be enough for me or continue to rise NDT?

Also if i want to do some control blood labs should i miss my pill at the morning or miss them for two three days before labs?

p.s. I'm taking one pill /65mg/ in the morning and /65mg/ in the early afternoon, is that ok or take all 130mg in the morning?

Thank you all for recommendations and advices, I appreciate every one of them!

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You should increase your dose of NDT after one or two weeks. I'd only increase by 1/4 each time taking pulse/temp several times during the day. There's no rush and it is easier by 1/4 and sometimes that's all that is needed to reach an optimum - i.e. relief of all symptoms and you feel well. Taking pulse/temp several times a day initially is that sometimes we feel too hot but temp wont have changed much. If pulse goes too fast drop back to previous dose.

There's no reason to split doses of NDT otherwise our life is ruled by thyroid hormones when the aim is to relieve all of our clinical symptoms and we have a normal lifestyle.

I shall give you a link that may be helpful. All questions on first link are good but also read January 30, 2002. Dr Lowe was also an Adviser to TUK>

Blood tests have to be at the very earliest possible (you can drink water), and a 24 hour gap between last dose and blood test and take afterwards. There are other topics at the top of the page of the following link. Some may not be accessed as the website is now archived.


Thank you shaws! I'll have to take a look at that link...

What should my optimal temperature be on NDT?


Sometimes our temp doesn't rise to what was normal for us before being hypo but if you take temp before beginning NDT then you have a starting point. If it rose a bit too much and you feel uncomfortable then reduce slightly.

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Thank you shaws for advices!

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Its very easy to overshoot your 'sweet spot' so slow is best. I agree with shaws its best to do 1/4 a time increase. Personally I would hold when on2 1/2 for six weeks then get blood tests to see where you're at. By hurrying I ended up very over medicated and took a long time to get to the right dose for me because of that. Mine seems to be 21/4 but some need 4, 5 and even more while others only 1. You need what you need. Same as when to take and wether to split dose. Trying different times etc I found just as I go to bed in one dose is great for me. When I have blood tests next day I take the dose earlier so 10-12 hours before test which was recommended if taking t3 or NDT.


Thank you fibfolinda, for advices! What is 21/4? So you take your NDT before bed time? I was told also that when we take NDT there is no need to be gap between pill and breakfast, for example at least one hour we are able to eat after Levothyroxine?


sorry 2 and 1/4 grain Thyroid S . I have read no need to leave gap before eating, drinking but prefer to leave 2 hours after eating myself, just personal choice from all I have read seems logical to me. My need for coffee first thing made me try taking NDT at bedtime and I found I slept better doing so. Of course others find the opposite effect. Really is trial and error to find what works best for you

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Thank you fibrolinda for advices! I hope you're feeling well on NDT. I decide to start NDT because of my severe pain and muscle stiffness all over my body. The last 4-5 years i'm almost beddriden because of that....It was fibromialgia, CFS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis...The blood tests that I have done for Autoimmune diseases are clean. I just started supplement myself with Ludol's iodine 5% and switched Levotyroxine i was on since my partial thyroidectomy last year to NDT- Nature Throid. I have notting to lose and hope for some improvement...

Have a nice day!

Take care!


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