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hair/ b12/spiro' finasteride

i asked for hrt for my hair that was a big no, i aksed my endo and gp-- endo offered spironlactone, the affects of that are horrendous in comparison to hrt---- i told him so as well but still wont agree on hrt,-- i then asked gp for extra b12, for my hair,

he said only if a specialist says so- i asked endo- he said he didnt mind agreeing to that, so now he has written a letter saying that he had offered spiro or finasteride and i thought the affects were too bad, but NO he hadnt mentioned finasteride but i was wondering ,if i should actually say i

will have that, barts endo , offered it years ago which i did take but maybe not long enough- women who are child bearing age have to steer well clear as it affects the testicles of unborn babies but women past menopause can take it-- shall i or shant i? also i have

a loading dose now which i never had before of b12, but that is for 11 doses, then i am back to onei nject every 3months ,cant see the point of one evrey three months???

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Mmm - one thing I've learnt is never to complain to medical doctors that your hair is falling out. They do SFA.

If you want a drug that helps with hair loss it is best to research what other things it helps with, then if you have some of them highlight those instead.


when you have hairlike mine or no hairlikemine i have to complain- its hormonal

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