Just A Thank You!:)

Apologies if this isn't forum etiquette

I just want to say a big thank you to the administrators and all that take time out of their day to respond in the hope of helping someone with their thyroid queries. This forum has really helped me in my journey of getting to the bottom of my health issues.

It's amazing the depth of knowledge some have, and are willing to pass on for the good of others, which reflects appaullingly on the medics in the UK and their lack of understanding, knowledge and interest in Thyroid Disease.

I worked for the NHS for years (not as a medic but healthcare professional allied to medicine) until I moved abroad, and I am ashamed that my previous employer has not moved on with the times and knowledge in almost twenty years in the care of not only thyroid disease but other conditions too.

So all in all, THANKS BE to this site :) :)

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  • I second that wholeheartedly twinmommy.

    J 👏👏🍀

  • Same here some of the in depth replies I have seen and been given on here I am so grateful!!

  • twinmommy, I couldn't agree more. Amazing knowledge and support here. Thank you!

  • Agree- big thankyou to the admin

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