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anxiety/adrenal recovery/or not

i wa s inhospital in 2007 on adrip 3 days i was so ill, again in 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 were the worst ever, my body went to meltdown and then my nervous ssystem shot to peices, it wasnt until i got to neuro hospital inlondon in 2013 and told the

consultant what happened to my body that he said- addisons crisis or adrenal crisis it has taken all this time and i am not recovered. however the last 6 weeks in particular has sent me over the edge with bigtime family stress, it is traumatic and i am struggling to stay sane, with whati am dealing with and my greatest fear is this

worry thati am goingthru will send me do lally andi wont recover. i am shoving b5 down myneck buti don tknow what else- needless to say endo and doctors at hopsital then, had no idea i had adrenal crisi- my neruo consult is so on th eball, but i dont see him now and feeling lost as to deal with this, i have internal an external shakingand my head feels fit to burst.. i have tinglingin my legs that are like jelly.

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I have had 2 adrenal insufficiency meltdowns.The first in 2011 after 14 years on thyroxine & prolonged extreme stress.I woke up over the edge & spent 2 years in the hell of panic disorder/depression.I was mentally ill.Then I started taking SAMe(S-Adenosyl-Methione)& the recommended starting dose of 200mgs pulled me out of it.I was able to wean myself off this low dose after 18 months.I bought it off a reputable Ebay shop.You must take B6 & B12 with it (methylation )

In 2015 I hit the stress wall again & meltdown number 2.Worse,knowing what was ahead.I was on T3-only & doing so well! SAMe didn't work for me this time & after a few months trying different doses with no improvement I felt life was not worth living.

I went to my GP & asked for Sertraline.I now take a very low dose of this-again,as with SAMe,for most people this is a subclinical dose,but I am hyper-sensitive to meds,which I put down to liver issues related to thyroid disease.

Now my anxiety levels are normal.Life is good again.I will very very slowly wean myself off in a few months,knowing it is there to save my life & sanity if I have another meltdown.

I tried everything "natural"5HTP,taurine,adaptogens,adrenal extract etc etc.Homeopathy,acupuncture,cranio-sacral...

I take B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12

I practise yoga regularly & meditation daily.

SSRI anti depressants saved my sanity

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thanks naomi i am scared too of what happened in the past an di cant go there again- i have printed off your post i need it for thedoctor, did you take the all the b's seperate or together in one pot


I have been taking the Bs separately for awhile now,apart from B5,which I added in when I felt myself getting very anxious again prior to my second meltdown.I buy most of my supplements on a few reputable Ebay shops.I buy B6 & b12 & folate in the methylated form from them.

Nothing I tried helped those high anxiety states & stopped me tipping over into depression.I was definitely doolally both times.


I'm not smart about all this like some here are ... so hopefully they will chime in.

But I read a post or two here talking about adrenal crashes and Pregnenolone. Then I googled around about them both. I decided to give a low dose of Pregnenolone a try.

I don't have insurance so dr visit and labs are out. You could research it yourself and maybe your dr could run labs for you.

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