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Black seed oil?

Someone has recommended Black Seed Oil from the Nigella Sativa plant. It states online which unfortunately the app won't let me upload pics, info saying it helps increase the immune function but not encouraging immune reactions with the body's healthy tissue.

Everyone always has some kind of supplement to suggest yet know very little on autoimmune disease. I'm now on immune suppressant tablets which are toxic and I don't want to mess around with any medication etc as I want to get better and the last thing I need is any interactions or boost my immune system which is attacking my organs.

So what are your thoughts? Personally I think I'll stick to vitamin supplements and my meds. But this post might help others. And I've no idea how to respond to my friend whose obviously trying to help :)

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Black seed is one of those useful cure-alls. Works for some people and not others, but tastes quite nice. Slightly OTT article here: greenmedinfo.com/blog/black... with refs at the end - also greenmedinfo.com/blog/black...


I use black seed sometimes on my breakfast cerial and also have the oil (who by the way is horrible) it taste terrible rancid. As I don't take them regular....can't see it helps me. But I will take them more regular as soon as I get my painfull gum/teeth sorted out.


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