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Puzzled Over Test

I usually only now have a yearly blood test which looks at the TSH and was due one now. A month ago my T3 was withdrawn and I was switched to just T4 and told to have my blood tested in a month. After a few days I was poorly and switched back to my usual regime and went for the blood test this week to find written on the form T (not on Thyroxine not on Carbimazole). I am on Thyroxine so what would this tell him. I've never heard of just T before.

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Presumably you had T3 withdrawn against your wishes. How long have you been on it?

Who withdrew it and why? Look up you local CCG guidelines on Liothyronine. See what it says.

But if a GP or NHS endo deems you have clinical need for T3 a local CCG can NOT stop them prescribing it for you.

Suggest you print out guidelines from British Thyroid Association- highlight relevant sections and go back to GP and ask for T3 prescription to be reinstated


NHS England consultation on Liothyronine has not closed until Oct 21st and decision not made

Also write to your MP, Jeremy Hunt and Jon Ashworth too


I'd been on it since 2009 and found great benefit. I've now got some of the German one and a friend is bringing me some from France so I will be OK for about a year now.

My CCG responded to my letter today but I can't find how to upload scans on here and not sure if that's permissible. My MP is going to look into it with them but he will only get told the same. He is also taking it to Jeremy Hunt. Health Watch responded and are taking it up with the CCG but bet they get the same .NHS England still haven't replied. If I had the money I'd be off to a solicitor now but I haven't.

Who is John Ashworth?


Jon Ashworth is Shadow health secretary (Labour version of Jeremy Hunt)

I know he has tried to get ban overturned for at least one other patient (not successfully) so is taking an interest


Thanks SlowDragon. Another one to try then.


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