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Could someone please look at my results?

Could someone please look at my results?

Hi, could someone look at these medicheck results please and tell me if the T3 levels are ok? I ordered my own due to the fact the hospital will not test despite the gp requesting them.

I was diagnosed in Feb 2017 with hashimottos and currently take 150mcg thyroxine, all my other levels(B12,vit D, ferritin etc) are really good at the top ends of the ranges now after 6 months. I still take all the supplements recommended to me by the lovely helpful peeps on this forum. I have been totally gluten free for the past 2 months.

Due to very suddenly feeling a lot worse I have my first appointment with an endocrinologist in 2 weeks at the Royal Liverpool and just need to know if I need to go in ready to plead my case.

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Emyloulou In my opinion your FT3 is too low. Your TSH is nice and low, your FT4 near the top of the range - all good. But your FT3 is 41% through it's range. It should be in the upper quarter and in balance with FT4 if you were converting well. Your FT4:FT3 ratio is 4.4 : 1 and for good conversion the ratio should be less than 4:1.

Considering all your vitamins and minerals are optimal, you would benefit from the addition of a little T3. I hope your endo agrees.


Thank you, fingers crossed they do. I wasn't sure about the T3 result but knew the others where ok and that I'm definitely not right.

It's my 1st appointment but I'm prepared to go in and fight my corner.


Good luck, let us know how it goes :)

I believe that it has to be an endo that originally prescribes T3, so don't be surprised if your GP refuses. If so, maybe ask for a referral to an endo.

Or maybe "Then it looks like I'll have to self medicate" will help, but it could backfire!


My GP has referred me to an endo, my appointment is in 2 weeks. The Gp agrees that it probably is a conversion problem but his isn't able to prescribe T3 until the endo first prescribes it. I have every faith that if he is told that's what's best he will carry on with the prescription as he has been fantastic so far. I've had 3 increase in my thyroxine since I reach the "normal" range unlike some people. He agrees that I should be as low in the tsh range as possible.


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