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Results of my blood drawn

Yesterday had my bold drawn and here are my results. I've been on Levo 3 months now or more I can't remember but I see my doctor in October TSH was very high months ago now they are Low I have arthritis so I wake up with painful bones I take my pain meds I also take two kinds of high blood pressure pills sometimes I feel hot and I'm tired always have to take a nap. So is my results low or what ? Haven't heard from him so I'm guessing they are fine.

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From what I have learnt, it is good for TSH to go lower if it has been too high. If you have your T4 and T3 figures you can tell more what is going on. Low T3 would make you feel hypo thyroid, high T3 would make you feel hyper thyroid. T4 is just the level of thyroxine waiting to convert to T3. You need middle levels T4 as only one quarter of it converts to T3. This is my basic understanding. I think others here can go deeper into it.

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Thanks for your reply.


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