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Running out of supplies at the most inconvienient time

Hi, New here, and New to this issue of Under Active Thyroid.

Still trying to find the right level of dose.

I work in Europé and have had a weekend trip back to the UK cancelled (out of my Control) so now i have an extra 2 weeks before I am due back to the UK.

Problem is i have not got enough Throxine pills left and was supposed to pick up my next prescription while in the UK, the weekend that was cancelled.

Is there a way of getting a supply from a Pharmacy in Europé???


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Depending where you are in Europe you will most likely be able to buy over the counter from a Pharmacy. I bought some in Spain recently and they did Google Translate at the counter.

In Spain it was Levotiroxina de sodio (Eutirox).


Europe is a big place - and the rules, regulations and law vary considerably. Might help with specifics if you identify the country concerned - or any other nearby countries if near a border.

In some countries, levothyroxine is available without prescription.

In some countries, a pharmacy can "loan" you some tablets (in the UK, usually a few days) without a prescription but they are likely to want some sort of proof of need (even an old, empty box might help).

If you can get hold of your prescription, you might be able to get it dispensed at a local pharmacy. (It is legal for them to do so, but they are not always willing.)

Can anyone collect on your behalf and send them on to you?


Thanks Guys, I'm going to go and try the Pharmacy tonight to see it they can just do an over the counter sale.

Europé isn't right! It's Sweden in the EU.

I have an old box with prescription details on it so i hope that will ease things along!

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!


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