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Recommendations for improving health after recent results

Recommendations for improving health after recent results

These results are from July 2017. After advice from Medichecks an iron status profile was done in August showing normal mid range iron, transferrin saturation and TBIC but a rising ferritin of 212 (13-150) so no iron overload

Taken Levothyroxine for 10 years. Caused severe itching and diagnosed with multisite Lichen Planus after 5 months. Never felt restored on Levo but told no alternative and managed. Two years ago menopause caused shift in thyroid status. Continuing falling T4 and rising TSH. GP

refuses to treat above mid range results in reference scale T4 9-19 TSH 0.4-5 as he believes osteoporosis and heart problems related to dose.

Have full hypo symptoms fatigue, dry scaly skin, dry eye syndrome, severe muscle stiffness and some joint pain, weight gain, loss of outer eyebrows, cold sensitive. Tried another GP same view probably same lecture! Trying to change GP practice but next out if area and will not give access to medical record online which is my soapbox issue as you may have seen in previous posts.

Going gluten free, increasing Vit D Vit B12 and folate with general B complex as per SeaSide Susiesue advice.

Want to address thyroid status by changing to NDT or T3. Could someone please advise which might be better. Should I see private sympathetic endo or just bite the bullet and self treat? Which one? If anyone could advise and send me a good source via private message I would be so grateful.

PS GP will only test for TSH and T4 and refuses to look at private test results. He has refused endo referral on NHS. He agreed to trial increase of 25 micro grams of Levo for 4 months but aggravated LP and caused itching and severe joint pain so gave up on that. Feeling pretty tough and want to move on this now. Thanks for reading

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Currently taking 50 micro grams of Levothyroxine trial of 75 failed due to LP.


Hi DJR1,

As someone who also suffered extreme itching (and full body skin rash, plus oozing wound at ankle joint, plus all hypo symptoms), I just wonder if you could be suffering with sjogrens disease too?

I got no help from GP. Finally got refer to dermatologist as emergency patient, because had required 3 consecutive day trips to minor injury unit, when on short break in Wales.

For a long time, I suggested to my GP, what my body was telling me, that my thyroid was causing escalating symptoms.... finally, a kind hearted, listening, rheumatologist referred me and checked all thyroid bloods and ultrasound of thyroid.

Not surprisingly, I have autoimmune thyroid and (now Sjogrens). BSSA British Sjogrens Society Association, have a helpline and you can Google info, if you are interested.

Good luck.


Hi I am looked after by a London Hospital Dermatologist, Oral Medicine and ENT surgeon for the Lichen Planus had biopsies etc its in my throat sinuses and mouth. They have noted Hypothyroid pt on Levo struggle with LP and dose increase makes it worse. No research on it so no convincing "proof". They have said they will try for Endo referral but it will probably be refused as no new T3 or NDT on NHS. They told me off the record another lady like me took herself off Levo and imported NDT and her LP disappeared! They said they could not condone this action but mentioned it in response to my questions. Thinking that is what I need to do but no idea where to start. GP hopeless doesn't think there is a problem

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