Improve Thyroid Treatment petition. 100,000 of UK signatures needed.

Improve Thyroid Treatment petition.                                        100,000 of UK signatures needed.

Some of you have already signed and shared the Improve Thyroid Treatment petition:

Thank you.

However, there are 63,911 members on this forum and yet the petition has been signed by just over 22,000 people.

One would wonder whether we are asking people to sign their souls away! (hence the picture).

There are so many of us here who are begging for help, for advice, for contact details of T3 and ndt suppliers, and spend time moaning and complaining about difficulties with diagnosis, unnaceptably low standards of thyroid treatment and arrogant attitudes of doctors.

I understand that many of us are very unwell. I also understand that many of us have improved, are getting on with their lives and rarely visit this forum. However, I am feeling frustrated by rather poor response from the members of HU community.

We are NOT asking you to sign and share this petition for me, nor for Pamela0106, UrsaP or Kitti1 . We are NOT asking you to sigh it for any of the ITT members. Most of us are well or are in the process of getting well...that's why we have the energy and motivation to want to change things.

Please sign it FOR YOURSELF, for your relatives with thyroid disorders, for your friends, for other people who are experiencing inadequate thyroid treatment and who WILL experience it for years to come...unless we do something about it.

People who live in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales: there is no country in the UK, where the treatment of thyroid disorders would be close to acceptable. If we allow this situation to deteriorate (e.g. T3 withdrawal in England) it will become almost impossible to go back to the previous state (never mind improve it).

iF you've signed the petition or shared it, PLEASE WRITE "SIGNED" OR "SHARED". Thank you!

If you would like to do more, please join us:

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

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  • Do it for the future generations.

    I don't want Thyroid Disease to become prevalent in British children because parents with the genetics are not treated properly!

    This will only change if you speak out.

    Now is the time to do it!

    If you haven't signed. Please. Do it. I'm begging you all ❤️🦋 x

  • mischa , Quokka , amala57 , Helena877 , smudger1 , Rac73 : BIG THANK YOU for liking this post. If you've signed it or shared it, please write "Signed" or "Shared". One reason: I want this post to stay visible ;) THANK YOU!


  • THANK YOU mischa ;)

  • Signed & shared many times! 😊

  • THANK YOU amala57 ;)

  • just signed!

  • THANK YOU Naomi8 ;)

  • Signed

  • THANK YOU MissFG ;)

  • Didn't know about it, signed it now

  • No probs! THANK YOU Binky45296 ;)

  • Safarisand, signed

  • THANK YOU Safarisand ;)

  • Signed and shared. US here, but will prompt my friend Jean in Ireland, and another friend Mick in England. Shared on Twitter I'll on Facebook as well. This is so very important and only takes a few minutes or less! 🦋💕

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH The_will_of_Jill ;)

  • They signed. Shared on FB. Can't figure out how to share on Instagram though.... (?)

  • I'm not on instagram ;( Can you just copy and paste the link???

  • I tried several times but it's not working… It re-pastes the code but you can't touch it to pull it up (the person viewing it on my page I mean)

  • I'll figure something out

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed you will ;)

  • Please sign and share for those of us who had our Levothyroxine changed to a generic one and have had very much worse health since then. For my son and me that has been for the past 7 years. We will only be left with Levothyroxine if we let T3 just fade away, and Levothyroxine has deteriorated over the past 7 years or more. please sign and share.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH j_bee ;)

  • Signed, something we all need to do, one chance only!

  • Agree! Now is the time. Sieze the moment. Ride the wave #NHST3#keept3 😄

  • THANK YOU amala57 ;)

  • THANK YOU Shelley1954

  • Signed and shared.

  • THANK YOU thedoghouse ;)

  • I tried several times but it's not working… It re-pastes the code but you can't touch it to pull it up the person viewing it on my page I mean

  • Never mind. Thank you for trying ;)

  • Signed. Shared. And off to see MP on friday !!

    Every action taken will make a difference somewhere - doing 'nothing' is a choice to not take action !

    Let's link arms together.


  • THANK YOU hobbycat ;)

    All the best of luck with your MP on Friday!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed they will be helpful ;)

  • Signed and shared not only for all of us currently dealing with thyroid issues but for those yet to be diagnosed. Future treatment looks bleak.

  • THANK YOU Chunipet ;)

  • Massive spike in signs today - 20k milestone achieved and still growing! Fabulous. X #TUK #ITT

  • Signed shared and happily tweeting my socks off.

    As a relative newbie I'm still on levo and so far I feel good, now that my dose has been increased. But I know that may very well change as time goes by.

    Since I joined the forum I've learnt from the wonderful generous people on here that they too were once good on levo. So to me this campaign is about ensuring everyone can have better treatment including T3 and NDT if they need it.

    If you've just joined your voice is just as important. So please sign, from the link up there or down here😁

    TUK and ITT want the same thing 😊💞

  • SolsticeSS - I do have a Twitter account but rarely use it. The few tweets I have done, I never get a reply. I think I'm doing something wrong. Any advice please

  • Hi Marigold, get back into it and join in😁, the more the better.

    I'm @SolsticeSShypo ITT campaign is @campaign_itt TUK is @thyroiduk_org

    The idea is to get the messages spread through people that 'follow' you. You can retweet RT any of our messages. I joined it purely to support the campaign. The more you use it the easier it gets, but it's less about 'chatting' though that still happens. Have another go😊 see you there😉 x.

  • THANK YOU SolsticeSS ;)

  • Signed and shared

  • THANK YOU JMo1 ;)

  • Sent link to my sister and my neighbour, asking them to sign and share.

  • THANK YOU marigold22 ;)

  • Come on, people! You can have a boob job on the NHS and get Viagra, but we can't get a drug that not only keeps us alive, but prevents us having to use the stretched resources of the NHS in other areas. I'd love to be able to quantify what the prescribing of T3 could save from the mental health, cardio and endocrinology budgets, or even general down time in a GP surgery. Is anyone knowledgeable enough to take a stab at this? It seems that the only way to get through to the decision makers would be with cost saving figures.

  • THANK YOU Camdentown ;)

    And yes, I agree: financial argument would be the strongest argument. Instead of talking to endos and GPs perhaps we should convince financial directors of the NHS and influential economists.

    There was an IAPT initiative on the NHS started over 10 years ago. The idea was to increase an access to psychological therapies. IAPT received huge funding from the NHS because an economist, Lord Richard Layard, provided a report in which he argued that if people with depression and anxiety received treatment it would save the UK economy a lot of money:

    So the economical argument won, not the ethical or moral...

    Kitti1 for info.

  • Had already signed and shared

  • THANK YOU TaraJR ;)

  • Signed and shared

  • THANK YOU MrsE0 ;)

  • S & S

  • Signed

  • THANK YOU Hypo51 ;)

  • Already signed.

    Yes - quite seriously members on this site need to pull their finger out. It's alright popping in an utilising the valuable knowledge shared. Time to give back now - and here's your chance.

  • BIG THANK YOU Helena877 ;)

  • Signed and shared 😃

  • THANK YOU Kaz2206 ;)

  • Regular contributors can go into their healthunlocked name, click on People Near Me, make sure you click on Thyroid section, you will then get members who live within a certain distance to you. Go through them one by one, check that they haven't contributed for at least one month; also look at their Replies as they may have been on the forum recently. Then PM them the message I have written

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you via Private Message on the Thyroid section of

    I have found you by putting in ‘people near me’ so you are within 25 miles of me.

    You may not have looked at healthunlocked Thyroid lately, so you may not know about the massive campaign called ITT (Improve Thyroid Treatment).

    Thyroid UK and the Thyroid section are being inundated with newbies desperate for help and advice; there are also many who have suffered for many years. Some have managed to get their good health back with the help of healthunlocked.

    Please click on the link below and sign the petition. Also please share it with as many family, friends, work colleagues etc as possible, asking them to share it also. If you are on Facebook, please add the link. Many thanks.

  • I have signed the petition & if I could sign it a million more times, I would. 🖌🖌🖌

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH Jtaylorhoo ;)

  • THANK YOU Tracy11 for liking this post ;) I assume you signed the petition?

  • Yes, in the ITT group and also shared x

  • BIG THANK YOU ;) xx

  • 20,820 signatures ;)

    Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

    We need 100,000 UK signatures to make sure it's discussed in the Parliament.

  • Signed


  • Signed from Canada

  • THANK YOU GarryB ;)

  • just a thought - it is very possible that 2 thirds of members are no longer here...

    1 - forgot log-in/password

    2 - got better & left

    3 - didn't get better & gone elsewhere

    4 - left/dormant for other reasons....

    I remember the last TUK petition gained over 10k & a gov response

    But let's keep going & see :D

    Members can also contact their local healthwatch (see pinned post) and M.P.

    er.... so Satan was an alien?

  • Hi Spareribs,

    Yes, I know we don't know how many members are still active...we just hope they are still out there and check their accounts, at least occassionally.

    It's reassuring that TUK petition with over 10k signatures gained a gov response BUT there more signatures this one gets then higher the likelihood that it will be noticed and discussed. Let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst...

    Take care x

  • P.S. Good point about the Satan-alien hybrid! I just though it looked ...different ;) That's what watching X Files as a youngster does to you lol ....

  • Already signed on ITT and shared ..... posters arrived today, thanks Kate Potter! :)

  • THANK YOU 2steptootsie ;)

  • Signed & shared loads & also in Canada at the mo 😋 keep up the great work Kitti & everyone else working so very hard on the ITT Campaign 😊 Together we can do ITT, Together we can WIN 😊


  • 21,127 signatures ;)

    Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

    We need 100,000 UK signatures to make sure it's discussed in the Parliament.

  • 21,271 signatures ;)

    Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

    We need 100,000 UK signatures to make sure it's discussed in the Parliament.

  • Had already signed & shared. Will share again!

  • THANK YOU SandraS68 ;)

    Every single signature counts!

  • 21, 432 signatures ;)

    Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

    We need 100,000 UK signatures to make sure it's discussed in the Parliament.

  • 21,527 signatures ;)

    Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

    We need 100,000 UK signatures to make sure it's discussed in the Parliament.

  • 22, 265 signatures ;)

    Please SIGN and SHARE this petition:

    We need 100,000 UK signatures to make sure it's discussed in the Parliament.

  • Live in Wales....but already signed. 💜

  • THANK YOU bernie51 ;)

    I hate to tell you but nobody's T3 is safe. Some people have already had their T3 withdrawn in Scotland. Pamela0106 had to fight to have hers reinstated. It's only a matter of tiem before Wales and NI are affected... ;(

  • I cannot tell you how many letters, complaints and appointments and MP intervention it took for me to get mine reinstated and even then it's still at risk of being taken away again. 😩

    Arghhhh I hate this stupid bloody disease!!!!!!

  • Thyroid disorders are pain in the ass but most of us suffer because we are not diagnosed on time and then poorly treated. It wouldn't be so bloody difficult if we receiving the care we all deserve!

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