Hashi results please help my daughter πŸ˜”

Hashi results please help my daughter πŸ˜”

Hi can anyone help? This is my daughters latest lab results (Hashi since 1/17). I can see she's over medicated. She's upped to 400 thyrovanz (past month). Was on 300 no labs though. Anyway, so I'm going to have her go to 300 unless I should try 350? I'm attaching some of the lab work. My head is spinning and was wondering if someone can help me. She's not currently taking anything for iron and I see her ferritin is very low. Also her vit d and MCV. I thought hashi patients shouldn't take iron? I'm just so confused at this point. Everything I read contradicts the other πŸ˜”. Her main issue are weight and insomnia. She's also moody and has bad anxiety. Thanks so much for any and all help xo. PS she's 17

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You should take your daughter's name and details off the form. Others who more knowledge than me about blood tests will respond when they read your post.

I am sorry she has health issues at such a young age.

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