best vitamin packed melt in mouth stuff if you can help please

for two oldies, he is forgetful and obnoxious, deffo lacking vit b12 and she is extermely nervous and wound up and dpressed and low thyroid, deffo lacking b's b12, c, d everything- i found bioglan multi melt-- but its only the b2 b12 and vitd 3


i found this, go to the booklet 'for end users 'on the site and read about what body typr you are ..its fascinating

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Have you seen blood test results?

not for me clutter its for two elderly relatives... who are hard work and forgetful and dont go to the doctor----


Then they aren't "deffo lacking b's b12, c, d everything". B12 and vitD may be low as they generally are in elderly people. The supplement you found contains B12 and vitD so why not get them to try it.

yes maybe i will, well she is a nervous wreck clutter and never goes in the sun- the last time she did go to the doctors she was so low in vit d. b's or lack off contribute to nervous system.


It would be better to get a copy of the results and treat low vitD and B12 separately.

yes clutter for those relatives they wont ask for copies-- what else can i do? he is very very forgetful and dementia patients often lack

b12,-- and incidentally clutter i ombarded my new endo to give me hrt for hair but he wont, however he rang me yesterday-- an i am such a wreck at the moment trying to sortout the

above two with other urgent important issues, thati am so stressed, i ended up tellingmy endo abut those two-- an dall th eproblems i am

having to deal with and he listened and said that stress will have a devastating effect on a my body- anyones body!- he has agreed to

write a letter to gp to give me more b12 injects for my hair bless him he is very kind. i likehim.


Your endo sounds lovely. Are you carer for the man and woman?

well clutter yes in a way i could be classed as the carer-not officailly--- she is my sister, poor woman and a total wreck from a life that has been wasted with the wrong

person, if she wasnt my sister i wouldnt be involved ... yes i am glad my endo is nice, he replaced

myother one who was also a fab but he left and went private , i was worried about the replacement- i

want that hrt but he wont give but he said if i knew any other endo who would give it i could see that person

AND STILL stay with him! but i told him i have had bad endos for all my life and i am not risking seeing another i shall stay put!


If you were their full time carer I was thinking you might be able to get some help from social services to relieve your stress but I doubt help is available when you are helping on an ad hoc basis.

sory clutter i wa smeaning the amount of running around and sorting out for them you would think i was their carer.. an di couldnt be doing with dragging them into fillling out forms it would add to her anxiety. i love her very much and she has had a shitty life.. memo to all- if you are unhappy with a bloke- LEAVE ASAP! dont wake up at 70 years old!

I have looked at the book regarding body shapes and found it interesting, however, myself and my two sister are very different body shapes but all have the same thyroid issues + gallbladder. My oldest sister had a different dad she was short and stocky. I am 5 ft 8 inches tall and slim and my other sister fits in between. The only common factor is our Mother.

agree bunny same her e withmy two sisters

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