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Hi everyone.

I've been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a couple of years ago and been prescribed Carbimazole, started with 5 then 10 then 20 mg now I'm down to 5mg again. But for these last 2 weeks I decided to stop taking it before my blood test!. And no doubt will get a stern telling off from my consultant. I'm piling on the weight and feeling sluggish were my reasons and also wanted to know how I'm feeling without the meds. Fingers crossed for me.......

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sounds like you may be "overcorrected" - sluggishness and weight gain are two of the commonest signs that your thyroid function is reducing and that you need less, or no, carb. there may be other things such as improved conversion (t4-t3) to factor in but a full blood count and free t3 and free t4 tests will show whats going on (well, a bit anyway) metabolically speaking. you may well be entering a period of remission (huzzah!) and so dont need any meds for a bit. good luck - my endo is cool with me taking ptu when i have an episode of going a bit hyper (works differently-short half life and acts rapidly on free ts rather than carb which needs to build up in the system) but knows i only take it sporadically as my thyroid now has settled - ish..

theres a lot to be said for being proactive about ones health - far more so regarding thyroid malfunctions - as the info seems very hit and miss and it seems as though huge numbers of people are being blagged into thyroidectomy when its just not necessary - my own endo freely accepts that its a very final "solution" that doesnt stop symptoms or correct illness! (mine's still where it should be and its going nowhere!!)

Good luck!


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