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Could you please advice me on this, i have just rang my doctors surgery for my long awaited antibodies but they are still not through yet! But they gave me my thyroid readings that the hospital took1 week ago my tsh 0.05 still the same but freet3 10.05 and freet 4 31.00 have risen however at this time i only been on carbi 20mgs for 3 days then, is it normal for them to jump up readings even though started carbi then.

Original readings were.

Tsh 0.05 tf3 10.4 tf4 26.09. Thanks again and again.x

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Three days is not long enough to have a significant effect. It might have stopped your thyroid making more thyroid hormone - but you have loads already manufactured and waiting to be released.

Of course, it might be an inadequate dose for you.


I see, i am due to be tested in 2 weeks then it will be 4 weeks since starting carbi. Just a long wait to see endoc in october. When i go to docs in a couple of weeks after bloods done again would he up the carbi if not much improvement?


I'd like to think so - but I wouldn't assume anything.


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